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Koti DC
Koti DC Is comprising of two locations totaling 138U and KotiDCs consisting of 23 racks of Enterprise Datacenter, Compute-Along-the-Route (CAtR) & Compute-2-U (C2U) via Koti DC Fabric infrastructure, while still growing Internally & Globally utilising Low Latency data inter-connections ranging from 2mbit > 1Gbe to 100Gbe also Inter-connecting via another backbone provider to form Redundancy & Reliability throughout the Globally growing Data and Compute Network along with Class Big Block IP access.
Koti DC is offering a range of digital services and infrastructure needs direct to you, Open sourced & Otherwise, Responsibility towards Sourcing, Supply, Handling Ordering & Delivery through to Asset Install, Documentation of said Enterprise hardware from in-house ingress to egress with a range of eco-friendly ethos responsible driven bullet proof supply chains from around the globe. Which is backed by a logistical network, all taken care of through Koti DC via the National and International Parcel Courier & Delivery Service Companies.
Sourcing of responsibly, warranted, proven backed branded assets, is first in-mind for Koti DC Customers & Clients where we have a range of in-house Koti DC rated Enterprise inventory ranging from Face-plates to Entire Enterprise racks which can be purchased & more, while also sourcing brand new, full ticket priced enterprise graded hardware. Try Koti DC!
Koti DC Suite
Where we're growing, our Koti DC DataSuite facility is based at Digital Realty's, Redhill site which is concurrently maintainable 24/7/365! Currently 23 enterprise racks with multiple uses & benefits, hyper diverse and direct connectivity along with Tier-1 Internet backbone connections.
We deliver solutions throughout the UK and have access to and fully our own state-of-the-art enterprise hardware which are secured within a world-leading campus environment and we can deliver over 10,000 amps of compute power which is supported by over 100Gbps of diverse Tier-1 networking.
We utilise the best in the field, providers such as DELL, Cisco, HP, IBM through to Mellanox, Meraki which enables us to deliver seamless end-to-end repeatable customer experiences time and time again direct to you.
Best of all, pricing to enable swift access and competitive rates!
Please contact Koti DCS for further information or to just have a chat through your requirements & needs.


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