About Koti DC
Koti DC Is comprising of two locations totaling 138U and KotiDCs consisting of 23 racks of Enterprise Datacenter, Compute-Along-the-Route (CAtR) & Compute-2-U (C2U) via Koti DC Fabric infrastructure, while still growing Internally & Globally utilising Low latency data inter-connections ranging from 2mbit > 1Gbe to 100Gbe also Inter-connecting via another backbone provider to form Redundancy & Reliability throughout the Globally growing Data and Compute Network along with Class Big Block IP access.

Furthermore, Koti DC is offering a range of digital services and infrastructure needs direct to you, Open Sourced & Otherwise, Responsibility towards Sourcing, Supply, Handling Ordering & Delivery through to Asset Install, Documentation of said Enterprise hardware from in-house ingress to egress with a range of eco-friendly ethos responsible driven bullet proof supply chains from around the globe. Which is backed by a logistical network, all taken care of through Koti DC via the National and International Parcel Courier & Delivery Service Companies.
Why Koti DC?
Infrastructure We're creating the Koti DC infrastructure one continent at a time within our own network backed by clear leaders within the telecommunication industry, Reliable, Redundancy, Hyper-diverse and best of all catered for you, all above board (No A'hoy! Arrh!) while ranging from 2mbit > 1GbE to 100GbE both internal and external Leased Line network data funnels!

Koti Innovation
Koti Innovation Without even scratching the surface of KotiDC, how does leading, groundbreaking notions within DC modulation, Enterprise Grade, Compute-Along-the-Route (CAtR) & Compute-2-U (C2U) via Koti DC Fabric infrastructure, Reliability, Digital Dynamic DataCenter Infrastructure not capture You? What about Eco-Responsibility? customer love? and respect for Equal Opportunities where Skills and Leadership are encouraged on a daily level to support our clients needs more precisely.

Support Koti DC
Koti Support Koti DC and support come hand in hand from Software to Hardware usage through to Logistical and Service needs regarding housed assets such as Koti DC Lo-Co & Co-lo, 24/7 Access , Very diverse replacement arm and Koti DC responsibly eco-sourced parts chain, refurbished and new from our lovely suppliers. KotiDC also cater to handling warranty documentation on parts we provide to KotiDC Lo-Co & Co-Lo customers, clients along with also marketing other goods online to support ourselves & network relating to Koti DC

Information Articles
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22 April 2020

Koti DC Company

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12 July 2020

High Quality Hosting

Koti DC raising cloud standards globally & back home.
30 Mai 2020

Support Like Home, Koti DC

Sea (e) Support for all Koti DC & DCS needs..
26 July 2020

High Quality

Article regarding Koti DC High Quality customer satisfaction.
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